We're all volunteers here. Thats what wikis are about, volunteer powered content! We too hope to get most of the work done with volunteer contribution, however, just like Wikipedia, this is a mammoth undertaking and there are expenses that must be paid in cash

We also need a dedicated team of senior technical, managerial, PR/MR & Fundraising professionals for developing, executing, organizing, implementing, managing, optimizing, popularizing and advancing above projects, programs and ventures. As much as we would want to, these cant be done part-time and nobody can volunteer fulltime.

Till now, most of needed funds are provided by our Founding Patron Mr. Ali Mozaffar Jafry who has been most appreciative and supportive of the endeavour since start. Now that we've entered the Alpha stage, we need to raise $20k over next 6 month to advance to Beta. Counting entirely on Individual & Organizational support we plead you to please help us in making it all happen by donating generously as one of "Hamare Patrons", which are Individuals and Organizations which support HBI with cash and/or in-kind donations. All Patrons are listed at this page and .

Click here to donate now and share this appeal with family, friends and acquaintances .