What is the Hamari Boli Initiative?Edit

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Positioned as a social enterprise at the intersection of applied linguistics, open-source, persuasive tech, intercultural awareness and public diplomacy, the larger "Hamari Boli Initiative" is;

"‎A full-scale People-to-People Communication+Collaboration and Language planning, Prescription, Description, Documentation & Preservation Enterprise aimed at 'Hindi-Urdu' Script, Style, Status & Lexical reform and modernization encompassing all four LP Domains, simultaneously creating Open source P2P collaboration platforms for Indo-Pak peace and confidence building".

Domain Objective Approach
Script Resolving Devanagari-Nastaliq Digraphia Graphization (Romanization)
Style Minimizing Low-brow / High-brow Diglossia Simplified language accessible to widest possible audience as exemplified by Bollywood
Status South Asian / Desi Lingua Franca
  • Rebranding Hindi-Urdu as "Hamari Boli"
  • Campaigning and petitioning the UN for the recognition and adoption of Hamari Boli as the 7th Official United Nations language.
Lexical Lexical expansion & modernization
  • Reuniting/combining Hindi-Urdu vocabulary and unifying literary canon.
  • Simplification & Anglicization of scientific/technical lexicon

Besides being a bonafide Applied Linguistics enterprise, Hamari Boli is also an apolitical initiative to;

  • Finally ENABLE opensource collaboration --otherwise IMPOSSIBLE-- among Devanagari, Nastaliq & Roman readers
  • Create People-to-People Communication & Collaboration Platforms where Desi scholars, researchers, academics, students, professionals and everyone interested cooperate in real time on crowd-powered and open-source endeavors of equal importance to all Desis.
  • Reunite the Desi Lingua Franca facilitating cross communication across borders and bring Desi people from around the world together in cooperative endeavor for the benefit of all.
  • Provide an apolitical environment to scholars and researchers to observe & study popular interaction, analyze sentiments, identify best practices, report problem areas and suggest solutions.
  • Create framework, platforms and pronounced impetus for open-source development in Hamari Boli (Text, Media, Software)
  • Promote and popularize FREE self education, peer-to-peer learning, open-source educational content, media, software and emerging educational tech and lowcost delivery models.
  • Document the full range of Hamari Boli as spoken across South Asia (Wiki based Audio-Video archive)
  • Digitally preserve the rich Hindi-Urdu literature in Roman (wiki based transcription and archiving)