Open Invitation for Open CollaborationEdit

HBI is a monumental undertaking depending entirely on volunteer community contribution. Our model relies on intensive collaboration among individuals and organizations from civil society, academia, media and industry. We request and invite all Desis to contribute your bit towards practically demonstrating the bounties promised by greater South Asian collaboration by bringing the open-source revolution to South Asia.

Register here to record your endorsement and join us in any of the many roles and functions identified below. You can also help us reach most people by liking/following us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc and by sharing this page on your walls/profiles/timelines. All contributors will be featured in related categories of the "contributors directory" on this wiki and -you can always choose to remain anonymous if you prefer-

Hamare ResearchersEdit

Formal Masters/Doctoral research papers/theses (Student-Supervisor teams) on any of the various themes and topics covered on this wiki.

Hamare AssociatesEdit

Academics, scholars, students, professionals, software/web dvelopers, designers, enthusiasts etc interested in contributing to any HB related activity/area in individual capacity. Start and participate in discussions at Hamare Forums to explore various project areas, aspects, requirements etc and record your opinions, inquiries, advice, suggestions etc.

Hamare PartnersEdit

Institution, organizations, universities, companies, associations -- organizational collaboration/support on various HB activities. If you represent or are affiliated with an organization that you think would be interested in what we're doing, please share the word and let us know how to reach them.

Hamare EvangelistsEdit

Be an HB Evangelist and help us attract most collaborators,partners and patrons. Spread the word about Hamari Boli in your social network, at your school, institution and workplace etc. Start discussions at Hamare Forums to suggest and explore various ways to promote HB.

Hamare PatronsEdit

Individuals and Organizations which support HBI with cash and/or in-kind donations. All Patrons are listed at Hamare Patrons pages at this Wiki and Click here to donate now and share this appeal with family, friends and acquaintances.

Hamare Challenges!Edit

Design for usEdit

Create logos, identities, infographics, websites, promotional media such as animations, videos, banners, stickers etc for Hamari Boli and the HB Campaign for UN Adoption. Your contributions will be duly acknowledged and published on this Wiki.

Write about usEdit

HBI needs visibility to reach maximum volunteers and build momentum necessary for success of such enterprise. You can help us by blogging, tweeting and writing about Hamari Boli in the press. All writings will be featured on this wiki and blog.

Compose for usEdit

Compose an anthem for DPS. We're looking for HB lyrics set to the tunes of Lennon's "Give Peace A Chance". Hopefully leading to an original album, you can also contribute songs on the theme of Indo-Pak peace and greater South Asian solidarity. lyrics, audios, videos, animations all are welcome. Entries will be published on this wiki and best ones will be decided by community voting.

Code for usEdit

Join us on SourceForge in developing Hamara Translator.

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